Workshops and Classes in South Yorkshire

As well as one to one sessions (see below), I run regular workshops and classes at Hands on Health 21 Hillsborough Road Sheffield, Sheffield Wellness Centre 635a Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, The Welcome Centre, 251 Pitsmoor Road, Sheffield, S3 9AQ, 1Stepfitness, 21 Lound Court, Chapeltown and Breathe Pilates, 85 Clark House Road, Sheffield. Just email me if you would like to join in. Here’s a list of the latest classes and workshops:

13 April 10.30am – 12.00pm. Releasing Tension in the Neck and Shoulders (Workshop)

Are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and wonder why you get pain, tension headaches and feel tired so much of the time. This workshop will help you to find easier ways of reaching, lifting and simply standing. Booking by emailing or text to 07708 055309. £20 for the workshop and you can pay online at  to secure your place or by card/cash on the day.  Booking is essential so don’t forget to let me know that you will be joining us. Venue: Breathe Pilates, 85 Clark House Road, Sheffield S10 2LG

4 May 10.30-12.00pm. Unwind Your Spine

Are you gardening ready? If over-enthusiastic digging has left you in pain and stiffness, then you need this session – better still, come along before the pain strikes! For the green fingered, the sporty and for those who’d rather read a book, if only sitting wasn’t so painful.
Venue: Breathe Pilates, 85 Clark House Road, Sheffield S10 2LG


MONDAYS “Yoga for Health and Happiness” 6-7pm 

A friendly weekly class that is suitable for beginners, improvers and anyone who would like to bring a mindful approach to their yoga practice.

Venue: The Welcome Centre, Christchurch, Nottingham Street, Sheffield S3 9AQ

TUESDAYS “Beginning Yoga” 5.15-6.15pm 

If you are new to yoga or you are struggling in your yoga class to find ease and strength in your yoga poses then this class will help you with confidence and ability. Venue: Breathe Pilates, 85 Clark House Road, Sheffield S10 2LG

“Yoga for Beginners” 7.15 – 8.15pm

Easy exercises to relieve aches and pains Move more freely and with less ‘stiffness’ Increase core strength & flexibility Learn how to relax and switch off.

Venue: 1Stepfitness, 21 Lound Court, Chapteltown. Click the link to book.

THURSDAYS: “Mindful Movement – Feldenkrais” 6.45-7.45pm

A relaxed, friendly Feldenkrais class where we explore easing necks and shoulders, releasing stiff hips and finding better movement in everyday life. You can have a free taster class on your first visit. Please contact Hands on Health directly on  07714 785431

FRIDAYS:  “Move Better With The Feldenkrais Method” 12-1pm 

A weekly class for anyone interested in discovering easier movement and greater flexibility.

Venue: All Saints Church, Ringinglow Road, Sheffield 

Booking is essential, so email me on or click here

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Not sure?

Contact me for a  taster session and then if you want to go further we can sort out the best type of class for you. People who pay in advance for classes or workshops will have priority as I can’t guarantee room for drop-ins.

Extra Discounts

If you are a member of British Actors Equity, Musicians Union or a full-time student studying in the  UK, all classes and sessions are 20% off the full price (including block bookings).

What do you do next?

Leave your name and contact details on the Bookings page and tell me the date you want to come along and I will email you as soon as I can. If you would find it easier to talk on the phone, please leave a number as well.


Helping to ease shoulders

Helping to ease shoulders


What happens in an individual Feldenkrais session?

You might arrive with a specific issue such as lower back pain, stiff shoulders, balance or dizziness issues or perhaps you simply want to feel better aligned and less “creaky”. I’ll do a general assessment and then will gently encourage your body to release muscle tension so that you can move with more freedom and confidence. This is a hands-on treatment where you may spend most of the time lying on my treatment table; if appropriate, you might be sitting or standing for some of the time – it depends on what will work best for you. A one-to-one session (also called “Functional Integration”) is an ideal way to learn how your body moves and to undo unhelpful movement habits. Sometimes a single session can make a huge difference, a recent client said: “I feel like I have a whole new body!

Individual Taster sessions. If you are new to The Feldenkrais Method you can contact me for an Individual taster session. This is a half hour one to one session where we discuss what would be useful for you, I’ll give you some feedback and a short individual Feldenkrais class. Following this, you can book more one to one sessions or join a group class (group class timetables are different throughout the year).

Home Visits and Special Group sessions. 

From time to time I do work with people who have difficulty travelling so, if appropriate, I can visit you in your home but I will have to charge extra for this. To arrange this, please give me a call on 07708 055309 as every home visit is individually designed for your best needs.

If you have a group of friends or colleagues who would like a taster session then I can travel to you. All you need is a clean floor space with enough room for everyone to lie down on a yoga mat or blanket.


Individual sessions are usually £45 for an hour. Most people benefit from 2-3 sessions and so if you book 3 sessions in advance the total cost is £120. Of course, you might want to come regularly over a long period of time! If so, we can sort out a price that suits you best (its always cheaper to pay in advance).

F.I. room July

Individual sessions take place either at Breathe Pilates or at my home studio – where you can have a view of the garden (cat is not necessarily included!)



As well as regular weekly classes and individual sessions, I also do workshop sessions where people have the chance to explore The Method more deeply. These sessions can be from 2 hours to a full day – with plenty of breaks for tea, biscuits and chat! Themes explored can be:

  • Flexible backs
  • Releasing neck and shoulders
  • Improving Balance in walking and running
  • Reaching, lifting and carrying
  • Refreshing the mind and body
  • Happy Feet
  • Feldenkrais for Dancers and Performers
  • Mindfulness and Feldenkrais

I advertise these sessions for the public or you can book me to come and work with a specific group of people at your own venue. Prices can be agreed according to the needs of the group and location. Please contact me through my bookings page.