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First Saturday workshops for 2017

Summer seems to be flying by and there are only five more First Saturdays until the end of the year! Here are the dates for the monthly workshops until December – £20 each or if you pay in advance for four, then the fourth one is free! (£60)

2 September 2017      Supple Hips and Smooth Walking

7 October 2017           Releasing Tension in Neck and Shoulders

4 November 2017       Better Balance and Coordination

2 December 2017       Breathe, Unwind and Mindful Meditation

Relieving hip cramp

On 17 October I’m taking part in Night Strider – a half marathon to raise funds for St Luke’s Hospice. I’ve run distances for charity but I think walking is more of a challenge. Why? Because it’s easy to “throw” yourself at speed over a certain distance and pay the penalty afterwards. But walking asks for integration, co-operation and if difficulties present themselves on the way, you have to deal with them. relieving hip cramp