About Me

headshot autumnI have been working in the field of Theatre and the Performing Arts for the last 25 years as an actor, director, writer and teacher. In 1995, I suffered a back injury that left me immobile for 6 weeks. I recovered but was left feeling very stiff and nervous of moving. For an active director and performer, this was disastrous! Luckily, I was introduced to the Feldenkrais Method by another theatre director and I was amazed at how quickly I not only recovered but improved my range of movement as well as my confidence and self esteem.

In 2006 I undertook the four year training to become a fully qualified teacher of the Feldenkrais Method and now I work with a wide range of people: students and professionals in Theatre, Dance, Music and Puppetry and members of the general public – people who are looking for easier everyday movement, better performance in sports and recovery from injury and illness.

As a fully accredited Feldenkrais teacher, I am also a member of the Feldenkrais Guild UK – there are Feldenkrais Guilds all around the world who maintain professional standards and training for those who work with The Feldenkrais Method. In 2011 I became editor of the Guild’s Journal “F.I.” and this has given me the opportunity to write and reflect on the impact of the work on all types of people. I’m also on the editorial team of the International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF) Research Journal and this year I will be publishing and presenting papers on the Feldenkrais Method in several journals and conferences. If you want to know more about this side of my work, feel free to email me through the Contacts page.

I’m interested not only in running classes and individual sessions for people but also in taking Feldenkrais into the workplace.  The Feldenkrais Method doesn’t need special equipment or outfits – just a comfortable space to sit or lie down – and a chance to take time for yourself. I have students who ask me how often do I do Feldenkrais and I reply “all the time”. Here’s a recent interview between myself and Paulette Edwards on BBC Radio Sheffield. Paulette decided to do some Feldenkrais herself, live on air!