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Avoiding Lower Back Pain

There has been so much publicity about lower back pain lately – over 540 million people globally are affected at any one time – a staggering idea. The Feldenkrais Method is very effective at tackling the stiffness and lack of mobility that follows back injury as it gently encourages a better range of movement using the body effectively and safely. I’m running a workshop on Saturday 7th July on “Avoiding Lower Back Pain” and here is the ticket link:¬†https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/avoiding-lower-back-pain-tickets-47587145433

The importance of rotation

I’m really looking forward to leading my workshop tomorrow on Releasing Neck, Shoulders and Upper Body”. Stiffness and lack of mobility in these areas can result in headaches, poor posture and back pain and it is important to maintain some flexibility here. Unfortunately, our modern lives often ask us to spend long periods looking straight ahead, at a screen, a monitor or through a car windscreen so remember to take some time to twist and turn and check you still have some peripheral vision – it might make you a better driver and it will definitely ward off pain and tension!