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Latest classes and workshops

Saturday 16th May is the last class of the month! This one hour class is all about improving your balance in standing and walking and if you would like to join us, please email me or text to 07708 055 309. Class times: 10.30-11.30 at Breathe Pilates, 85 Clarkehouse Road, Sheffield S10 2LG.

Coming up…

Saturday 30 May 10.30- 1pm.  Improve Your Stride (Ease and Elegance in Walking) £18.00 (concessions available)
This workshop is all about finding better hip and ankle movement so you can walk with less effort and more style.

Saturday 4 July 10.30 – 1pm. Improve Your Practice £18.00 (concessions available)
By using an integrated approach to physical movement and training you can discover how to improve your performance in yoga, pilates, running and other sports, as well as avoid future injury.

If you are interested in the continuing weekly classes that are happening in June and July, please email me.

Refresh yourself with a Spring Workshop!

SATURDAY 18 APRIL 2015 WORKSHOP: “Releasing Your Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back” 10.30 – 1pm. Lack of flexibility and tension in your upper body can affect everything you do. This workshop will help you find easier ways of improving your everyday movement and different approaches to your yoga and sports practice. If you would like to try a one to one session with Dianne where individual issues can be explored, there is an opportunity to book a half hour taster session following the workshop. £20 (£18) Please go to http://diannehancock.co.uk for more information