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Releasing Your Jaw, Neck and Shoulders

Workshop: Releasing Jaw, Neck and Shoulders. 10.30-12.30 Saturday 20 February 2016

199 Rustlings Road, Sheffield S11 7DA
We often have unconscious habits that produce unpleasant results – if you took a moment to discover how often you hold your breath and clench your jaw you might find how this affects your whole self. Through using The Feldenkrais Method to increase your self-awareness , you will learn how to reduce muscular tension and experience a greater freedom of movement in your neck and jaw. You’ll learn also how to connect the movement to your neck, back and pelvis, releasing tension throughout your entire self. This workshop can be particularly helpful to people who suffer from headaches and/or neck and shoulder discomfort.

The importance of rotation

I’m really looking forward to leading my workshop tomorrow on Releasing Neck, Shoulders and Upper Body”. Stiffness and lack of mobility in these areas can result in headaches, poor posture and back pain and it is important to maintain some flexibility here. Unfortunately, our modern lives often ask us to spend long periods looking straight ahead, at a screen, a monitor or through a car windscreen so remember to take some time to twist and turn and check you still have some peripheral vision – it might make you a better driver and it will definitely ward off pain and tension!