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Online Classes are still continuing!


12 – 12.30pm “Home Office – Take a Break From Work” ONLINE

Is all this extra time in front of the screen becoming a pain in the neck? This short lunchtime Feldenkrais class will unlock stiffness in your neck, shoulders and back and help you tackle the day ahead with ease and energy. Please book here

6-7.30pm “Yoga for Health and Happiness” ONLINE

A friendly weekly class that is suitable for beginners, improvers and anyone who would like to bring a mindful approach to their yoga practice. The first 60 minutes is a general yoga class and the final 30 minutes focuses on breathing, relaxation and mindfulness. Please book here


5.30-6.30 pm “Move Better, Feel Better!” ONLINE

An early evening Feldenkrais Class to help you unwind and unlock stiffness and tension in the whole body. You will move better and improve well-being in your body and mind. Please book here


6-7pm “Move Better With The Feldenkrais Method” ONLINE

A weekly class for anyone interested in discovering easier movement and greater flexibility. A relaxed, friendly Feldenkrais class where we explore easing necks and shoulders, releasing stiff hips and finding better movement in everyday life. Please book here


First Saturdays Workshops.

These workshops allow you to go a little deeper into the Feldenkrais Method and find out more about integrated, functional movement. On the First Saturday of every month, I hold a 90 minute online workshop on a special theme.

Saturday 6 February 10-11.30am: “Relief for Stiff Ankles, Feet & Knees”

Saturday 6 March 10-11.30am: “Better Balance and Coordination”

Saturday 3 April 10-11.30am: “Happier Hips”

Please book here


At present, I am seeing 1:1 clients online for either 30 or 60 minute sessions. If you are struggling with your range of movement or are recovering from an injury, I can help you. Please email me on dianne_hancock@hotmail.com for more information.

Committing to Yourself

Busy people often have so many commitments, to their families, friends, children, work, clients…the list can seem endless but sometimes what’s missing from that list is self-care. This is the most important item on anyone’s list because – as the Buddhist saying goes:

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection

As a Feldenkrais teacher, I encourage people to take care of themselves but all too often, I see that self-care becomes a low priority when others need care and attention. We understand unconditional love allows the vulnerable to flourish, so why not love yourself unconditionally? If you know that time set aside for exercise, quiet reflection or pleasurable activity makes a real difference to your physical and mental health, then make a commitment to that personal time – but don’t punish yourself if you can’t always do this!

It’s often easier to make a commitment to self-care if you’ve signed up for a block of sessions – it takes more than one session to change your habits and attitude towards yourself! That’s why I created the Class Pass to make life easier for my clients. A drop-in class is £8 but a Class Pass gets you five online sessions that you can take at any time over 90 days – a no-brainer really! Make the commitment today and click on this link

Feldenkrais Awareness Week

From 6-13 May every year Feldenkrais Practitioners all over the world celebrate Moshe Feldenkrais’ birthday by putting on special events, classes and workshops. We all aim to raise awareness of Moshe’s contribution to ideas around mindful movement and a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being. My class on 9th May will be half price for everyone and will include a slice of birthday cake!